The Arts in our Community

The Arts in our Community

Scottsdale has a rich history of art and culture. From the commitment of Scottsdale Arts to the cities investment in public art, Scottsdale is a genuine arts town.
Scottsdale offers a variety of arts for residents to consume. Scottsdale offers programming in performing arts; our excellent galleries offer paintings and sculptures of many different styles. Scottsdale presents many different styles of dance. What would Scottsdale be without our renowned western art and our nationally-recognized Museum of the West?

Arts in the community are more than wonders to behold and admire. They offer and sense of place. I believe a community can be a good place with limited offerings of art, but it cannot be a great place to live. In order for a city to truly have a community fabric, it must be a place where great art if abundant and accessible.

We are so fortunate in Scottsdale to have both of these qualities.
Scottsdale Arts gives back to our community in so many ways. By taking art directly into the schools with their collaboration with Scottsdale Unified School District Scottsdale Arts is cultivating a new generation of art enthusiasts.

When I was growing up, I was fortunate enough to participate in music education in both high school and college. It is an activity that shaped me for the rest of my life. As a candidate, I strongly support the arts in our community. Many candidates talk about Scottsdale’s special character and they are correct. If you fear Scottsdale meddling into just another community that is blessed with a great climate that is preciously what would happen to our city without the rich and vibrant arts community.

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