It’s time to grow strong again.

It’s time to grow strong again.

I have some Scottish history for you. The Clan Maxwell is from the Scottish Lowlands. The Coat of Arms for Clan Maxwell is a stag couchant before a holly bush. And upon it is the Maxwell Clan Motto: Reviresco. Translation, “I flourish again”.

I think that is the perfect word for the political climate in Scottsdale right now.  Reviresco!   

Are you like me and just completely fed up with the negativity and divisiveness at City Hall? I am. 
Listening to the naysayers all of the time you would not think there are any good people left who care about our city. People ask me all the time, why would you be crazy enough to enter the race for City Council? I tell them it is because I will never let them win. And by them, I mean anyone who is nasty, mean-spirited and wants a one-issue candidate elected in November. 

I want to be the candidate who pulls the sword of civility out of the stone. Someone has got to do it. 

Will you help me? Will you join the cause? Join the cause to ensure our way of life in Scottsdale remains strong? Will you join the cause to make sure your voice and point of view are represented? Do you want a candidate who takes a logical, data-driven approach to solve big problems? I do. It just doesn’t make any sense to support anyone who only wants to talk about a single issue. A single project. A stagnant way of life. 

I am in the race for Scottsdale City Council and Clan Maxwell needs soldiers! 

My website is up and running. On it, you can support our efforts financially. You can read about my ideas and my solutions for the city. You can sign up to volunteer. You can sign up to be included in all of the events and happenings in this campaign cycle. You can tell me what’s important to you and your family. I want to hear from you. 

If you have not seen my introduction video here is it. Please follow me on my social channels. 

Get with the Clan to stop negativity towards our city. Get with the Clan and solider up.

Thank you for your time and Reviresco! 

Kevin Maxwell 

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