Let’s Come Together

Let’s Come Together

With the recent Scottsdale elections in our past, the opportunity for the city to shine is now here.

We have had some rigorous discussions and debates the past 18 months. The issue of whether to build on the mountain preserve has been resolved. We have a new slate of city leaders preparing to take office. A small tax change will allow the city to fund some of its transportation needs.

Now the hard part begins. Larger infrastructure funding challenges are ahead. Some difficult decisions are ahead for the city council. I am confident they will do what is best for our city.

Despite the contentious discussions on the ballot propositions, one common thread was evident: Passion and pride for Scottsdale. Citizens in the community are prideful and want to the best for the city. While some people saw a divided community, I saw an abundance of civic spirt.

When we think about the amenities we love about Scottsdale we should not overlook the passion our residents have for our community. It is truly a gift. How many cities are apathetic in citizen involvement?

One point of pride for Scottsdale’s citizen involvement is our boards and commissions appointments. Scottsdale has 18 different citizen-lead boards and commissions. We also have six task forces and committees that provide valuable guidance to the city council. Scottsdale residents’ interest level to volunteer their time has never been higher. Competition to be selected for a board or commission is growing.

Whenever there is an opening for any of these positions the response is overwhelming. Do we realize how unique that is?  I can think of no other community in which residents are lining up at the door to give their time and expertise to important issues.

Scottsdale is attracting a vibrant, young base of citizens who are deflecting the stereotype of being indifferent and unresponsive. Unlike other communities, our youthful residents are engaged and ready to participate in the democratic process.  No less than a half a dozen organizations focused on solutions provided by a younger audience are in the works. These organizations all have two things in common: optimism and confidence. 

As a city we need to follow the lead of these groups to help propel us to continued prosperity. 

We may not all agree on who or what we voted for. But I for one have a single question for our city leaders. What can I do to help you succeed at your mission? Tell us what you need from citizens to help support the decisions ahead of you. 

Scottsdale has a tremendous opportunity to rally around one another, to help lead the city into the future.  Let’s harness our civic pride and support the city. Let show other communities what can be accomplished when we are all focused on a common issue: making the city the best it can be.

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